Does Satan Assign us a Demon

Does Satan Assign us a Demon

God communicates with us, not so much with our physical eyes, as with our spiritual ones. Meditation and contemplation are the fruits of a person’s prayer life. They are a connection between us and God. Sometimes Jesus communicates with us through a few words, other times, through pictures or little movies, and yet other times, through dreams or an interior feeling that has the to power to overcome. But when Jesus has something to say, He knows exactly how and when to impart that message in a way that we will understand. It isn’t always immediately understood; there are usually a series of occurrences, and then whatever the Lord wants to impart will become clear. The devil also communicates with us, although not in a good way. Demons whisper lies into people’s minds, convincing them that things that are bad for them are instead good.

So, is there a specific demon that follows us through this life? Well, according to Father Ripperger and other exorcists, there are. But I will focus on that a bit later. First, I want to tell you what happened to me. God revealed the demon Satan assigned to me through a movie I saw in prayer. But a few nightmares and an image preceded that movie. I will show you how God allowed the devil to intimidate me through those nightmares and then how He put everything into perspective with one visual meditation.    

The nightmares came during the height of the spiritual attacks against me, so I was not in a good place. In the first dream, I found myself in an unfamiliar house. I heard a strange clanking coming from the basement of this house and knew I had to go down there. As soon as I stepped on the first stair, I saw to my left a chain built into the wall. The links of the chain were large and very thick. They looked as if they could hold a lot of weight. At first, the chain rotated in a circular pattern that moved from the top of the stairs to the bottom. But as I walked down the stairs, the chain began to move faster and the sound became so loud and rhythmic that it created a deep sense of anxiety in me until I woke up. In the other dream, I was chased into my childhood home by an extremely large demon. He was bald, and his skin was scorched and looked black and red. In that dream, I prayed the Lord’s prayer and woke up.

The image came long after the dreams. At that time, I was in a much better state spiritually, so I was more easily able to deal with these types of demonic occurrences. They just didn’t frighten me anymore. This incident happened after my husband and I went to bed one night. I was in the in-between stages of sleep when I felt that horrible but familiar feeling. Then, in my mind, I saw a large demon hovering over me. I watched as he floated in the air. His eyes were black as night and pierced right through me, and his skin was that same scorched black and red color. The image, which was alive and moving, lasted long enough for me to realize that it was the same demon I had seen in my dream several years earlier. I didn’t connect it all yet, but God was about to do that for me.

Soon after I saw that image, I had an incredible experience in the adoration chapel. While I was praying, I fell into a kind of sleep and awakened to find myself in a vast open pit. I was suspended in mid-air and instinctively knew I was protected. I had no fear at all. As I looked around that dark, eerie place, I saw below that there was thick smoke, and beneath that, there was the dim glow of orange fire, and I heard screams and howls from the depths of the pit. Moments later, from the thick smoke below rose that same familiar demon. He was huge, and his body was very muscular. I watched as with one arm, he held onto the large chain, which was exactly like the one I saw in my dream. The chain moved swiftly and consistently upward toward what I knew was the earth. He looked up with intent. I distinctly remember that the demon had no idea I was there. It was at that moment that I understood. It was through that meditative experience that I realized this demon had been following me my whole life, and I knew his job was to destroy me. God showed me what was happening in the spiritual realm. He mercifully revealed that familiar spirit attached to me.       

So now I want to get back to Father Ripperger. He stated that “Familiar spirits are {the} ones that are {attached} to a particular individual. It’s very often assigned. Just as we’re assigned a guardian angel, Satan will assign a guardian demon to tempt the person.” So, Satan can send a demon after us that could be with us our whole lives. So, a familiar spirit is a generational spirit. Father Ripperger explains that generational spirits are attached to families, and familiar spirits are attached to an individual. A familiar spirit knows you. He knows your inclinations, your habits, and all your weaknesses. He knows what will entice you, what arouses you, and what frightens you. He knows how to distract you by piquing your curiosity. And he knows just the thing that will pull you into sin and will do everything in his power to keep you from Christ.

You are in a spiritual battle. The devil and his army of demons are real, and they will lead you to hell if you let them. They exist in that invisible space that we cannot see. And they will do as much damage as you let them. We need to know that all of this is true so that we can fight. How do you do that? It is the same answer that I have always given. Live a holy life. Remain in a state of grace. Participate in the sacraments. Read the Bible. Conquer your appetites by fasting and denying yourself, especially on Fridays. Use the sacramentals and pray, unceasingly pray. Be consistent, and you will be victorious.

Prayer to Remove Generational Spirits

Father Chad Ripperger

Lord Jesus Christ, Incarnate Son of God the Father, Thou who hast chosen to enter into human history by being carried in the womb of Thy Blessed Mother Mary, grant, I beseech Thee, that any demons that may have been introduced into my generational line by any one of my ancestors may be blocked from passing to the subsequent generations. I ask Thee that if the evil spirit entered the generational line by the sin of one or more of my ancestors, that Thou wouldst pardon the temporal punishment due to their sin and free us from the demon’s involvement in our lives. Blessed Virgin, we ask thee to offer the Precious Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Thy Son to God the Father in reparation for the sins of those ancestors who may have introduced any evil spirits into my generational line, as well as any subsequent sins that may have resulted from the evil spirits affecting those of the generational lines. If any evil spirit has been introduced into my generational line as a result of a curse of malefice done by someone outside my family, I ask Thee to give me the grace to forgive them wholeheartedly and I ask Thee Jesus, to break the curse or malefice if it is still in place. God the Father, I forgive them for any of the effects of their sin that they may have committed against my family line and for any damage it may have caused. Jesus, I ask  Thee to forgive me of any sins that may be the result of any generational spirits in my family and I ask Thee to block any power the evil spirits may have gained in my generational line as a result of my own sin. Heal any damage in the lives of the members of my family as a result of the generational spirit. I bind and completely and utterly reject, with the full force of my will, any sin or spiritual defect of mine as well as any temptation, allurements, or power that any generational spirit may have over me as a result of my sin or the sin of any other person. I do this in the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary and in the Name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen

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