Signs of a Spiritual Attack: Isolation

Signs of a Spiritual Attack: Isolation

Spiritual attacks have a lot of different effects on people as I have been explaining in my last several articles. Some carry a heavier weight than others, but they all work together to destroy the person as a whole. When I was actively under the influence of witchcraft, my whole world changed. I was battling demons that caused destructive thoughts, intense fear, doubt, depression, anxiety, and numerous other torments. All of these things affected my ability to communicate, and I just shut down and isolated myself from the world. But before I cover the subject of isolation in more depth, I must give a better understanding of what witchcraft is. There is a perception that witchcraft can be good or evil. For Instance, white magic being good or black magic being bad. That is not true. Anyone practicing witchcraft is doing so by the power of Satan, whether they believe that or not. The definition of witchcraft is the practice of magic, especially black magic; the use of spells, and the invocation of spirits. Black magic is evil that is used by witches to hurt people. A spell is something wicked directed at another person or persons. Hexes, curses, or jinxes are spells at work. Witches curse objects that they sell, give away as gifts, or leave behind to contaminate a person’s home, workplace, car etcetera. To invoke is to call upon, which means witches call on evil spirits to carry out their hateful desires on other people. This particular type of suffering is very difficult because it is demonic. It is otherworldly, and that is hard to comprehend.

“I felt demonic spirits around me day and night”


I have been Catholic my whole life, but I never spent time thinking about demons. I knew they were real, but I didn’t know they could attack me in such a physical and psychological way. I also didn’t know that there were people who would willingly choose to hurt others by being servants of the devil. That would never have occurred to me. But it happened. A person I trusted and thought was my friend called on demons to attack me, oppress me, and haunt me. She gave me cursed things and went to every length possible to destroy my life. I saw and heard things that were not of this world. I felt demonic spirits around me day and night and was tormented by demonic manifestations that caused me incredible fear. Once I knew this person was a witch, my fear grew into something much bigger. I started to wonder who else could be a witch and thought, what if they want to hurt me too. These events forced me into seclusion and I went from being a joyful outgoing person who trusted others, to one who was suspicious of everyone around me. So isolation became a direct result of the attacks. I lived my life the best way I could under the circumstances, but I didn’t know who I could trust, so I disconnected from everything except God.

Fear ultimately caused the isolation, and the isolation increased the oppression, intensified the depression, and eventually caused a deep loneliness to form. So you can see how all of these different afflictions work together to destroy a person in every possible way. When I was under attack, I didn’t have the mental capacity to make these connections, and neither will other people who are being attacked. That is because there is just too much confusion, and it blurs the person’s ability to see things distinctly. That is why this information is so important. It gives the victim a model or map, a picture if you will, that can help the person who is being attacked better understand how the devil is affecting their lives. That gives them an advantage over the enemy because once the person can decipher the problem, they can enter into the battle and begin the healing process.    

Once I was freed from the attacks, Jesus slowly began to reveal the hidden benefits behind them. I know that sounds strange, but I am going to explain. A spiritual attack changes a person, and it is automatically assumed that those changes are all bad. But that is not the case. Yes, there is a great deal of damage that needs to be healed, and that will take time and effort. But it is important to know that the Lord allows suffering for many reasons. One reason is for our spiritual growth, and that growth always brings us to a greater love for God. It has been years since I was attacked, and that battle impacted my life in ways that I wish it hadn’t. Certain things remain and I don’t know if they will ever leave me. This is something that I have struggled with until just a few weeks ago after meeting with my priest. You see, the things we think make us failures are the very things God uses to bring us to Himself. It is through suffering that a person innately turns away from the world and towards God. Every suffering that I experienced elevated my heart and mind to God. In sorrow, I ran to Jesus. In fear, I turned to Him. And in isolation, I called out to the Lord. No human person could help me other than a priest performing his sacramental duties. So all I had was God and His Church. This path of suffering, isolation, and overwhelming oppression was allowed by God, initiated and carried out by the devil, and transformed into something beautiful by Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And that makes every second of pain worth it. So, although your sufferings seems unbearable, knowing that the Lord is using them to bring about a greater intimacy with Him will bring you hope and encouragement.

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