Overcoming Spiritual Attacks is a State of Mind

Overcoming Spiritual Attacks is a State of Mind

People spiritually attacked by the devil through witchcraft, other means, or different forms of divination have to figure out how to get help, but they’re so sick that they don’t know how to do that. Their mental capacity has been affected so severely that they can’t process information as they used to. They need to regain that ability and confidence so they can seek help. They have changed so much that they don’t believe they will ever be the same again. To a certain extent, that is true, but if you think it is all bad, you would be wrong. Before I explain that, I need to start from the beginning. The following paragraph may sound familiar to those who have read some of my previous articles. But a short reminder of how the attacks affect people is necessary for this article. 

Demons attack the mind with lies and accusations causing the afflicted person to doubt themselves and become discouraged. Guilt and shame are also a result of these attacks, which damages the person further. Demons will interrupt or completely prevent sleep, which affects thinking and emotions. The lack of sleep causes exhaustion making it difficult for the person to concentrate or make simple decisions. There can also be physical attacks or encounters and audio and visual disturbances. The physical attacks may include poking, shoving, scratching, feeling a heavy weight on the chest, and more. Visual disturbances for me were shadowy dark figures. I am sure there are more, but this is how I experienced them. The audio sounds were all kinds of things; demonic voices, banging, whispering, and so on. Demons play tricks on your mind. These experiences are terrifying and cause incredible stress on the person, which affects the way they see themselves. Fear, anxiety, and sadness are their constant companions, which leads them to isolate themselves from others. Until the person can find the strength to break free from these negative thoughts and emotions, they will not get better but continue to deteriorate and eventually fall into despair.

“They encompass me like water all the day; on all sides they close in upon me.

Psalm 88:18

You can see then that there is a progression in the attacks. Once the demons are able to engulf the whole person, the attacks will be so severe that you won’t question something is wrong; you’ll know something is wrong. Healing is going to happen in stages. Since the mind is the first point of the attack and the control center of the whole body, you must start there. Regaining control of your mind will depend on how diligently you confront these obsessive thoughts. So what are obsessive thoughts? They are repetitious words or short phrases that assault the mind. They can happen continually, especially at the beginning of the attacks. But almost always, they occur during the Mass, in prayer, or when you are in adoration. These are sure signs you are experiencing demonic obsession.

“Therefore submit to God, resist the deviland He will take flight.”

James 4:7

When your mind is under attack, it creates a lot of anxiety. You won’t be able to be still, pray, or be at peace. If you are at Mass, you’ll want it to be over. If you’re in adoration, you won’t be able to stay. You’ll try, but the urge to leave will be overwhelming. It is a nervousness that won’t stop no matter what you do. Sometimes the thoughts are loud, and sometimes they’re fainter. But either way, they distract you from prayer and keep you from achieving peace. They can last a day or several days. Just knowing this won’t make them stop. You have to do something for that to happen. You have to alter the way you respond to these mental attacks. Never speak directly to demons, it will make things much worse. It would be an open door inviting them in. But always submit your prayers and needs to God. Try not to let yourself fall into shame and guilt, but forcefully and consistently dismiss the thoughts. It won’t be easy because the more you reject them, the more the attacks will persist. Don’t give up. The devil won’t. If you remind yourself that he is trying to wear you down, it will give you a reason to resist him. The spiritual battle comes down to a state of mind. You have to get mad to get strong. Give everything to God and join your suffering with His. Ask the Blessed Mother to crush the Head of the serpent, and believe she will do that for you. Call on the angels, the saints, and the souls in purgatory to pray for you. These are all ways you take part in your healing. You have to choose to reject the negative, demeaning thoughts and move on with your day, even if they don’t leave right away.

Sometimes the anxiety caused by these mental attacks is so severe that they will need a priest to pray deliverance prayers (minor exorcism) over you. Some people will have difficulty with this. They are afraid to reveal their current state to anyone, especially a priest because they think they won’t believe them or that they are crazy. The sooner you overcome that line of thinking, the better for you. As powerful and necessary as these deliverance prayers are, the sacraments are everything. They give you grace and strength and draw you closer to Christ. Participate in the sacraments as often as you can.  So this brings me back to my initial thought. Will you ever be the same again? The answer is no. You will never be the same again. You are being (or have been) tormented by the devil, and this changes you forever. As you heal, you may be more reserved and solitary. It is a kind of isolation, but not as profound as when the attacks were active. It is like you are in protection mode. You could become more cautious of people. I did. That isn’t a bad thing, but rather a grace that gives you an awareness of potential spiritual dangers. But I think the most valuable change is the love you now have for God. It is immense. It is a yearning that only increases. There is nothing and no one more important than that love you share. And this happens as a direct result of the attacks. Your suffering has led you to Jesus and this incredible love, and your life is now changed forever.

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4 thoughts on “Overcoming Spiritual Attacks is a State of Mind

  • September 21, 2022 at 4:27 pm

    Dear Wendy

    Thank you so much, as always this is so helpful and appreciated.

    Monday evening I joined St Michael’s deliverance session at 1 am! Halfway through it was a real battle to stay, but I knew I had to take it all on board.

    Tuesday morning I couldn’t believe I’d slept 12 hours! Further, the peace I felt was awesome. But I had a terrifying experience in the early hours of Wednesday. I was awakened by a presence pushing into my back and flowing down my arms. I couldn’t open my eyes! All I could do was try to scream, I was so scared! I repeated in my thoughts; Jesus Jesus Jesus… I don’t know how long it took to be released, suffice to say, it was with a jolt.

    As I opened my eyes, wondering what on earth had happened. I couldn’t stop crying. I’m so tired of this. I’ve had this experience periodically over the years, and I just tried to go through it, to put it out of my thoughts. But last night, it was the worse ever! I wondered if it had anything to do with the deliverance session.

    Also, I wondered if you could help explain what a woman at Mass said to me today. She’d said it before to me in passing. I don’t know her personally. She said I have the gift of second sight and that there’s a cloud covering my right eye. She said it’s someone coming over to me from the other side!!! My goodness! I asked her about it but she was vague and just repeated because of this gift of second sight someone is with me!!! Do you have any thoughts on this?

    I’m still experiencing what I believe is witchcraft from my troublesome neighbors. It’s been really tough these past months. I’m completely on my own, which makes it seem like I am going under. My powerful prayer life has saved the day, even when I regularly awaken around 3 am I say my rosary.

    So good of you to take the time to post this information, it’s truly helping me to realize I’m not mad!

    Thank you so much. Hope you are happy n healthy!

    Scotland. ❤️‍🔥🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    • September 22, 2022 at 7:03 am

      Eileen, I’m sorry things are so difficult for you right now. Spiritual attacks are hard to go through, and you do feel like you’re in it alone. But God is always with you. When you try to get help the attacks will initially increase. It is a tactic from the devil. He will scare you in an attempt to prevent you from breaking free of his grip. Don’t fall for this. Try to endure and continue to attend the deliverance prayer sessions. Also, try to find a priest to physically pray these deliverance prayers over you. I know it is hard to take that step, but you will not regret it.

      I want to point out that you slept well and received a sense of peace after the deliverance prayers. So you received relief and were positively affected by the prayers of the Church. This is why the devil is angry. He knows that he has no control over the power of God. He must submit. So don’t give up. Keep doing what you’re doing. Prayer, deliverance sessions, confession, and so on. This may be a long process, but it will be an effective one. I know you are “tied of this”, and so was I, but you have to keep moving forward to defeat the enemy. I used to go to bed in fear, waiting for it all to start. There is always a possibility that something will happen at night. It is scary, that is the way the devil wants it. But you have your rosary and so Mother is with you. Pray Divine Mercy too. Pray the saint Michael prayer and also the Guardian Angel prayer. Imagine your angel being with you through it all because he never leaves you, ever. Sprinkle holy water all over the house, specifically in your bedroom before bed. Have a priest come and bless your house with an exorcism blessing. These are things you can do to help limit the demon’s activity.

      The lady at church who approached you reminds me of two situations I had during the attacks. One was from the witch who attacked me, and the other from a man whom I met in Medjugorje. Both are long stories, but I need to keep them short here. Once I walked away from this witch, she called me and told me she had a vision about me. She couldn’t help but elevate herself by pretending to have this gift that God gave her a message for me. Total lie! But she was scrambling to keep me in her life. The other person confirmed that demons were with me. It was hard for me to accept at the time, but I knew he was right. I don’t know if this lady at church is good or not, but I would reject her comments and not worry about them at all. This could become a trap to obsess over something being with you. God is with you! Mary and the angels are with you. This is what you need to focus on. You can also talk with a priest about this situation. I have no doubt he will have great advice for you. You can do that in the confessional if you’re not ready to have a meeting yet. Eileen, all of these are great signs you are making headway. I know you’re still scared this is natural, but soon you will get mad and nothing will stop you from getting help. You’re in my prayers. And you can privately email me on the reach out page anytime. You are not alone.

      God Bless, Wendy

      • September 22, 2022 at 7:42 am

        ❤️‍🔥🕊👏💐🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Thank you so much for your support. I’ve battled this all my life. Of which I live in chastity in all areas. So I know it’s not me. It’s because of your sharing that I recognise it all now.

        The witch, wow wicked woman! She saw the light in you! How innocently you’re going about life unaware that malice and hatred are pursuing you in the guise of a friendly offering. I wondered if you found out the ingredients in the biscuit she gave you. I’ve noticed more stones /pebbles moved onto a prominent place outside my door. It gets into your head, ugh! The energy makes me so sick and hazy in my head. I’m also wary of the woman in the chapel. I was a bit taken aback when she first called out to me that I have the gift of second sight. It was so random. I’ve asked her three times now to explain it and the shadow in my eye, the being from the other side. She’s hesitant and doesn’t explain further. She’s nice enough.

        I asked the Jesuit parish priest for help, and he said it wasn’t necessary but blessed my bible, cross, and beads again. I used holy water too. So I will plod on your encouragement emboldened me! 😇🤠
        I really appreciate you taking time to write. Take care and Thank you!

        • September 22, 2022 at 1:08 pm

          Who knows about the woman in the chapel? Nice or not, she has confused you. Confusion comes from the enemy. That doesn’t mean she is evil, she may think God is giving her these insights and it may not be Him. Or she is filled with pride and wants to elevate herself. Who knows. My thought is, why would God go to a total strange about you? I would think if God wanted to communicate something to you, He would do it Himself. I would stop approaching her and let the whole thing go. Second sight sounds like New Age language to me. You are sensitive to the evil that is afflicting you because your intuition is kicking in.

          Maybe you should hide something blessed outside your door and in your garden. That may deter them from coming to your property and leaving cursed objects. Sprinkle exorcised salt around your property, porch, and garden. You have to fight fire with fire! I am glad to be of help. It is why I am doing this.

          Take care and God Bless, Wendy


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