Medjugorje 40 Years

Medjugorje 40 Years

Our Lady of Medjugorje, Queen of Peace, has been appearing there for 40 years today, June 25th, 2021, sending us messages from heaven. Thanks be to God. I couldn’t let this day pass without honoring Our Lady by writing a few words about this holy place. I was blessed to be invited to Medjugorje twice by Our Lady. For me, Medjugorje was like leaving the turbulence of the world behind and entering into absolute peace. The peace found in Medjugorje is felt physically in the soul. It is real and it affected me deeply. So much so that my whole life has changed. After visiting Medjugorje, I wanted to love God more and give Him more of myself. The Blessed Mother is coming to this world to bring us back to God. Her messages are so positive and uplifting. But in the last several years, her messages have been more pleading with us to return to God and to “pray for our shepherds,” the priests. Millions of people know about Medjugorje, but there are so many more that don’t. It is so important to get the messages out there since this world is so full of darkness. This is an easy way for me to participate in that.

There is so much to experience there, and it is all God’s gift to us. I climbed Mount Krizevac and Apparition hill with people from all over the world. Everyone was so kind and elated to be there. A lot of people prayed the rosary or the stations of the cross on the way up. I saw people carry the sick on stretchers up the mountain so that they could experience it too. It’s just the most wonderful place that brings out the best in people. Something the world lacks today. I met a young man when I was there who hadn’t practiced his Catholic faith since he was a kid. He said he came with his aunt because she didn’t want to go alone. She obviously had a plan for her nephew. We sat at a table with another stranger and talked for a long time. He was amazed at the peace he felt and wanted more. We prayed divine mercy together and it was amazing to share that with him.

I was able to be present at more than one apparition, and the excitement was palpable. There were so many people you couldn’t move from the spot you occupied. It didn’t matter that we all spoke different languages, there was unity among us. We wanted to be in Our Lady’s presence, to receive her blessing and hear her message. We offered our petitions silently, in our hearts, and we knew she would carry those prayers to her Son and that He would answer them according to His will. We came to Medjugorje to express our love and gratitude to our beautiful Mother. We wanted to experience heaven on earth, to receive graces and healing for ourselves and our families. And we truly did.

It is hard to narrow down what the most wonderful part of Medjugorje was because everything was wonderful. But if I have to choose, it would be adoration. I’d been going to adoration for a long time, but I never experienced it as I did in Medjugorje. Adoration was in the church, and many people gathered there. Once the pews were filled, people sat on the floor and even on the steps going to the altar. The Priest came out and exposed Jesus in the monstrance and everyone knelt and all was silent. There was a time of quiet prayer and then music that was sung in different languages. We were united in prayer before the Lord in such a profound way and it was beautiful. Each person was touched by God in the way they needed to be. There was an incredible love and joy that flowed through us all. It was something I can’t wait to experience again.

A few years after the pilgrimage, I was searching Youtube for videos of adoration in Medjugorje. I needed to find that peace again. I found a video that brought me to tears. It was like I was there again. I think it is the best way I can share what it felt like to be in Medjugorje with those who have not yet had the experience. So I will add the video here. If you’ve never heard of Medjugorje, or you have, but you don’t follow it too closely, click the highlighted links to read Our Lady’s messages and learn about the incredible graces the Lord has been bestowing on the world these past 40 years. You won’t be disappointed.  

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